Havana has conserved the singular appeal with which it was founded almost five centuries ago – a mix of the old, the contemporary, and a bohemian spirit, endowing the city with an enchanting halo.

Right in the heart of Havana’s historic centre, Piscolabis Bazar-Café is an inspired reminder of Havana’s noble and ancient lineage, designed to withstand the passage of time.

Neither so big that it looks cold and impersonal, nor so small that it lacks an acceptable selection of the most versatile articles, the aim of Piscolabis is to leave you with an unforgettable memory of your time in Havana.

Once you step past the entrance doors, you will find both decorative and practical objects, clothing and accessories, gifts, unique souvenirs, objets d’art and local handicrafts.

From Day 1 the mission of Piscolabis has been to display and promote Cuban inspiration and creation.  The objects currently featured are the output of a diverse team of Cuban artists.

Accordingly, particularly conspicuous, against a minimalist and natural decor, are unique pieces, imbued with ethnic character – ranging from lamps and components fashioned from antique water bottles, quaint ceramic painted plates, mirrors set in papier-maché frames, linen prints with facades and details of Havana, precious wood bowls, hand-embroidered guayaberas (traditional Cuban shirts), printed textile cushion covers, to delicate glass flasks for exotic essences.

Objects no longer much seen or used, such as bottles, oil lamps, ink-wells, medicine flasks, and alpaca covers, have been rehabilitated, for renewed value and use, transformed into story-telling articles, like candelabra, lamps, wall-hangings, etc.

The shelves reflect an eclectic logic; old and modern are juxtaposed to form sets showing individual items and ensembles on a domestic scale, to suggest ideas and integral solutions for home decoration.

The project, with its multidisciplinary team, has grown and gained in experience.  Also available, in addition to the Bazaar staff assisting customers, are other related services, such as: home decoration, furniture and furnishings design, production and restoration of lamps and lampshades, etc.

The objective of this space on San Ignacio Street is to empower artistic creation, focusing on the value of an object in itself, commencing with an efficient creative process, incorporating the versatility of local materials, and ensuring a decorative dimension to match its basic usefulness.

These are some of the reasons why we invite you to come in and see, and discover….

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